The time has come, I am officially graduating at the end of the week. I will soon be a alumna! It has been a crazy hectic last couple of months and I never got the chance to blog about my collection.

I didn’t know what to expect when our second catwalk show was held at The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London, excited and nervous. Fitting went great and so did the run through, everything fit! and it all became so surreal as the day went on and the catwalk show began! Everything went out accordingly and the models (from Storm, Elite and M+P) did an amazing job. Time flies when your enjoying it and before I new it my first debut was over.

Overall it was an amazing event, photographers from Vogue and WGSN were there, along with industry and bloggers. It was a great opportunity to take part in, and I am glad I was chosen.

Now for my collection!

Photo credit Alick Cotterill

Photo credit Alick Cotterill

Elizabeth Taylor is and has always been my muse through out all my collections, there is not many classic women like her left in the world and I want to keep her style alive through my designs. This Collection is also based on dinosaurs, to give my collection an overall feel of a mix between youth and class. During my research I have come to find I want my designs to express bringing back dignity and value in society today. Keeping classic 50s shapes with tight waists and flowing full skirts mixed with energetic and fun prints on t-shirts. My colour scheme was influenced by grey scale pictures of Elizabeth Taylor from her youth. Using only one pop of colour which ended up being the most feminine colour in the spectrum, pink. Overall my collection is edgy but still classic and gives off a very eccentric vibe.

Miss Hewson Collection

After Truman Brewery,  I was then selected for GFW (graduate fashion week) where we showcased our portfolio work. It was great to be able to go around and see numerous college/university students work. I also caught a few fashion shows, I must say the international catwalk show was very intriguing, to see what other students design from different countries was fresh and exciting.

One of the best parts of it all, which made the hole thing seam a lot more real once it was over, was a few features!

VOGUE press

WGSN press


FANDIZ press

For more stuff about my work, check out MISSHEWSON.COM


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