but what ever happened to street style?

New Obsession!! Julia Restoin Roitfeld!

Now I have always been a semi-fan of hers since the Black Orchid campaign (Tom Ford fragrance), and well her mother is only one of idols (Former editor-in-chief, Paris Vogue), but her recent sneak peak interview by Ruby Warrington about French Fashion Rules has caught my eye.

“She never dressed us in labels, she didn’t want us to be defined by brands – ironic but true!”  Julia Restoin Roitfeld mother Carine Roitfeld influenced the way she shops and emphasising the importance of staying true to yourself. And I agree with that statement, sure the occasional  Prada bag, or Jonathan Saunders dress is a great piece for the wardrobe, but what has happened to individual style?

Photo By Nik Hartley Styling by Vickie Keeble

Scott Schuman and Garance Dore talk about street style in the latest Elle Collections A/W and how its over exposed. “It’s fashion week all the time now. What we call street style isn’t actually street style at all, it’s fashion-week style”. Shows have now become over exposed which was bound to happen, everything evolves into something more. But what happened to the mystery fashion week use to bring? The brands now want to be apart of fashion-weeks street style and it becomes all about advertising. There is a fine line between art and commerce now and a lot of bloggers only do it for the free gifts. Theres no real passion for it anymore, to capture your own point of view different from all the rest. There was a time when street-style wasn’t even called that, it was just about well dressed people out on the streets that expressed a “real” fashion, almost like a movement. What happens at shows now is all about exposure of the brands and people only dress up that elaborate to be noticed then and there. Fashion week is not about someone casual walking by expressing their love for fashion with a individual perspective.  Schuman and Dore stay true to their passion and understand that maybe it’s time to turn the camera else where.

The article really made me take interest in the fact that “street style” isn’t really as personal as it should be. It’s almost like we are so blind-sided by what street style has become we don’t notice the ones who are truly individual. Or can tell the difference from someone who is only dressing elaborate for the camera and not as a true fashion professional.

“It was a very private world[the shows], but now that world is open.” – Scott Schuman

Any who back to who I was originally talking about, Julia Restoin Roitfeld and her fashion style. She keeps it minimal and simple and never to sexy, French women are into wearing neutrals, monochrome is always in and they wear a lot of grey and beige. When wearing jeans, always wear heels, never wear flats. It’s always about looking polished, “The French like to play the intellectual card; they don’t like to be over-sexy. The sexiness comes from the way they walk and hold themselves.” says Julia. I cannot wait to read the rest of this interview coming out September 4th.

Photo By Nik Hartley Styling by Vickie Keeble


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