Riot in the Chanel Aisles

Only King Karl could pull off a Supermarket fashion show, with over 500 Chanel products created just for the shelves alone.

“If you want to look really ridiculous, you go in stilettos in a supermarket.” – Karl Lagerfeld

The shelves were stocked with over hundred thousand items, all under the sign of the interlocking double C.  But their were no bargains in these aisles everything was 20%-50% marked up. It was a parody, to show how the consumer culture of today is always looking for a freebie, we buy things under the impression we are getting a discount. Have you ever bought something expensive that was marked up only because of its status(label) and was desirable ?

Chanel AW14

“For me the supermarket is the pop art of today” Karl Lagerfeld

Pushing around brightly coloured trolleys or carrying metallic baskets sporting the Chanel label and pretending to exchange gossip in the aisles. Not one aspect of an every day trip to the super market was forgotten about at the Chanel show. Fashion is real life! And lets not forget about the show music while it was constantly interrupted with public announcements such as “Mrs Martin is requested at the fresh foods department” or “please be advised the Chanel shopping centre will soon be closing.”

Overzied tweed jackets, bright flashy sneakers, comfortable-looking orange woolen jogging suits and fluorescent pink shredded leggings. But only flats were featured in the show, ‘They became sneaker boots – it is a new fashion item. The sneaker boot!’ says Karl.

One thing that was not featured in the Chanel shopping centre was cat food. The man who cherishes his beloved cat, so where was the cat food? ‘There is no cat food because Choupette only takes food she takes from her doctor,’ Karl explained.

There was even a Chanel hardware section, did you ever think you’d see the day there would be a Chanel Chainsaw?

Karl has expressed with creating a Chanel shopping centre is understanding of the materialistic world we live in, and by branding goods with the Chanel label, goods that you could never buy in a real market are much more desirable. Which we quickly learned was true as once the show was over the aisles were full of the audience looting as much as they could. Put the Chanel label on anything, and people will want it. Editors were getting into fights over doormats that said “Mademoiselle Prive”.

Even at 80 years old Karl is still coming up with more extravagant ideas then the last. Even with new, younger designers hitting the catwalks, Lagerfeld will always have the spot light.


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