All Dressed Up For Easter

It’s that time of the year again for foiled covered chocolate eggs and pastel coloured decorations. But lets not forget about the women who have dressed up for this holiday over the years. Check out my favourite vintage photos of pin-up girls to bird head pieces.


Easter Parade

Easter Parade 1890

Easter Outfit

1900 Easter, Union Square, New York

Dorothy Sebastian

Dorothy Sebastian 1929 Easter

Wendy Barrie

Wendy Barrie

Easter Outfit

Myrna Loy 1930

Vintage Easter Outfits

1940 Easter

Vintage Easter Outfit


Vintage Easter Outfits


Easter Pinup

Don Lewis Pin-Up

1943 Easter Kurt Hutton

1943 Easter\Photo Kurt Hutton

Easter Bonnet

Elizabeth Taylor wearing an Easter Bonnet


Audrey Hepburn Bonnet

Audrey Hepburn’s Easter Bonnet

Easter Outfit

Show Girl McCalla 1950s

Easter Outfits

1952/Photo Bert Hardy


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