Jo Ratcliffe: Animated Artwork

Jo Ratcliffe has always been a favourite of mine in the fashion industry, but I bet a lot of you don’t know who she is or what she has created. She has created some of the most recognisable animated work not only for fashion campaign videos but also music videos. Her scrawled handwriting appears in Lady Gaga’s video Applause, and my favourite video she designed and directed is Kenzonique for Kenzo.


But she has done a lot more then just that, she’s designed and directed videos for Chloe, Jimmy Choo, Vogue, Nina Ricci and many more.

Her recent artwork is an animated video inspired by a Zoetrope, an optical device that was popular in Victorian England. Digital temptress like doppelgängers with pink hair marching on platforms in cycles spinning along to the track Tibra by Samaris. This 3D installation,  M. Zoe Trope, is a modern whimsical take of a device that produces the illusion of motion. 

Jo Ratcliffe AnimationJo Ratcliffe AnimationJo RatcliffeJo Ratcliffe

See M.Zoe Trope animated video at


Check out more of her animations and drawings at her website.



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