Vivienne Westwood and Climate Revolution

Vivienne Westwood is not your run-of-the-mill fashion designer, forget fast pace she says, style is forever! Forget consumerism and start thinking about the future. World’s End Collection offers original style from Westwoods iconic pieces from the fabric to cut keeping its punk taste. World’s End boutique, located at 430 Kings Road since 1970, isn’t just a Historical landmark for London but for British Fashion also.

World's End Boutique

Recycled fabrics and designs leaving no leftovers to go to waste, Vivienne firmly believes that good designs never go out of style. Sustainability is what Westwood is trying to teach us, what if the handbag or dress we saved up for never went out of style? Stop buying clothing and accessories just because its on sale or cheap,  instead buy items you think are beautiful and things you appreciate. Rather then coming home with bags full of cheap jeans or t-shirts (consumerism feeding your unquenchable appetite) find something you love, something you had your eye on for weeks possibly months, and make it last.


Everything at World’s End is recycled and reused, from the classic slogan t-shirts re-designed for todays issues to the felt hats and logo bags, and everything is at reasonable prices. Timeless fashion is what World’s End Collections promotes and change is a must to Vivienne Westwood. Let’s start a revolution! Why does Westwood care so much in making fashion last and reusing her fabrics and designs? Vivienne’s belief is that consumerism has a lot of effect on climate change, “All this consumption is not a real choice. Andreas once said to me that if everyone just bought beautiful things that they thought about and really loved, then maybe we wouldn’t have this problem of Climate Change. Beware of propaganda,” she continues. “Its greatest evil is non-stop-distraction. A head full of rubbish can’t discriminate between truth and lies and will suck up anything that gives a buzz.” Vivienne told i-D.  Hint a reason why her shop is called “World’s End.”

World's End Collection

“Read, go to art galleries, find out the names of trees and birds, study the past,” Vivienne instructs. “I now realise that climate change is the most urgent problem the human race has ever faced. Everything is connected and climate change is connected to lack of culture. You get out what you put in. So get a life.”


I myself, while living in London, have gone to the boutique and it is everything you could imagine. From the gold label tailoring, the one off slogan t-shirts and the tartan punk style of the 70’s, everything in the shop has a unique taste. The staff very friendly and well educated on the shops importance. The jewellery is irresistible, so irresistible I left with an armour ring and a gorgeous necklace. Everything is hand crafted which helps bring the items down to reasonable prices. And who could resist so many vintage fabrics!


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