The Marabou Shoe: Trend

We all know the iconic Hollywood housewife shoe – The Marabou.

The Marabou, Fluffy Mule, or Feathered Heel, which ever you prefer to call it, has been popping up the last few years in designer collections. Giving the Marabou a whole new look from Wang to Celine the fluffy Mule has come a far way since the 1940’s. Before we check out the latest Marabou trends lets take a look at the iconic Scarlets that wore them first.


Marabou Shoe

Virginia Grey

Marabou Shoe

Marilyn Monroe

Marabou Shoe

Rhonda Fleming

Marabou Shoe

Marilyn Monroe

Marabou Shoe

Lisa Winters

Marabou Shoe

Jerry Hall

Marabou Shoe

Dita Von Teese

And lets not forget how popular Victoria Secret made them in the late 70’s.

Marabou Shoe

Marabou Shoe

Marabou shoe

Featured during Alexander Wang’s Fall 2011 show, his take on the Marabou Fluffy Heel which everyone was pining for by the end of the show!

Marabou Fluffy Heel

Marabou Fluffy Heel

Honestly Wangs are my absolute favourite remake of the Marabou by far, even after two years of their debut they’re still my ultimate favourite fluffy heels.

And we all remember Celine’s take on fluffy heels, Phoebe Philo Spring/Summer 2013 designs.

Fluffy Heels

Marabou Fluffy Heel

Marabou Fluffy Heel

And when designers took a more creative artistic outlook to them:

Fluffy Heel

Fluffy Shoe Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

Marabou Heel

Christian Louboutin

The 27 year old singer, Ellie Goulding, was spotted on Wednesday wearing a see through full length skirt styled with a pair of Marabou Heels.

Ellie Goulding Fluffy shoes

Ellie Goulding wearing shoes by Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster Fluffy shoes

The Marabou Heel trend has come and gone for many seasons now but I personally think its a shoe that will never lose its style. 


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